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Superintendent - Galveston ISD

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Providing children across the nation with access to quality education is a matter of utmost importance. Through the dedication of teachers, administrators, and educators, this excellent education becomes possible as they devote their lives and careers to equipping students with the necessary resources and knowledge to thrive. One such individual who has made significant contributions to education is Jerry Gibson, an accomplished educator, and administrator based in Texas. Gibson's passion for education began early in his life. Growing up in Texas, he witnessed teachers' profound impact on the lives of his peers and the entire community. Inspired by this, he resolved to pursue a career in education. After completing high school, Jerry enrolled at East Texas Baptist University, from which he graduated in 1993. Eager to enhance his skills and knowledge, he later pursued a Master's degree in Education from Lamar University in 2002. Driven by a thirst for continuous growth, Jerry further pursued his education at the University of Houston, where he earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership in 2015. This advanced degree equipped him with the expertise and capabilities essential for his current leadership position. Throughout his academic journey, he had the opportunity to connect with aspiring educators, fostering invaluable professional and personal relationships within the education field across Texas and beyond.

At the onset of his career, Jerry aspired to become a teacher and coach in a prominent Texas school district. His determination paid off, and he secured a position that enabled him to merge his passion for academics and athletics. During the early stages of his career, Dr. Gibson took on various roles, including that of a teacher, head coach, athletic director, assistant principal, and, ultimately, a full-time principal. Over time, he recognized that focusing on school administration would allow him to effect the most substantial change within his community and the local education system. Gibson's commitment to providing students with a high-quality education has remained steadfast throughout his illustrious career. By combining his academic expertise and leadership skills, he has positively impacted countless lives. His passion for teaching and diverse experience in various educational roles have positioned him as an influential figure in shaping the future of education in Texas. In conclusion, Jerry Gibson's lifelong dedication to education has nurtured young minds and fostered a positive learning environment. Through his passion, hard work, and unwavering commitment, he continues to inspire educators and administrators across the state, leaving an indelible mark on the field of education in Texas and beyond.

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Jerry Gibson

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